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  • Tokyo Tower


    Our Humble Beginnings

    Founded in Tokyo, ST Global first opened office in Akihabara offering computers and support to the English-speaking businesses in Japan. Following our customers’ needs we have been offering lifestyle products ever since.

  • Japan Office

    会社名 STグローバル株式会社
    所在地 〒248-0024 神奈川県鎌倉市稲村ケ崎4-4-18
    電話 0467-23-4970 / 090-6653-0557
    設立 2004年8月
    代表取締役 Brett Bennett(ブレット ベネット)
    取締役 Lawrence Camera(ローレンス カメラ)
    資本金 6,000,000円
    業務内容 海外および国内でのEコマース、電気製品、美容製品、スポーツ用品
    主要取引 金融機関 みずほ銀行、三菱東京UFJ銀行

  • USA Office

    Name ST Global Inc.
    Head Office Denver, Co, USA
    Phone +1 (303) 931-1477 (Health & Beauty goods)
    +1 (303) 875-9927 (Sports goods)
    Executive Director Lawrence Camera
    Director Brett Bennett
    Products / Services National and International E-commerce, Health & Beauty, Sports goods

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Our Amazing Team

Lawrence Camera

Executive Director

Hanae Camera


Brett Bennett


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Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

ST Global recognizes that conservation of global environment is one of the most crucial issues common to all humankind. When we conduct our business, we will always give due and careful considerations to the environment.

Basic Guideline

ST Global makes every effort to minimize any negative impact of our business to the environment by paying meticulous attention to our commodities and services when we import, export, and distribute. We also observe the following general rules with regard to environment issues:

  1. Environment conservation activities are carried out as a company-wide program.
  2. We improve our Environment Management System annually by reviewing the result of activities against the objectives and the targets set from both technical and financial perspectives.
  3. We commit to comply with environmental laws and regulations, arrangements we have agreed to, and our in-house rules/standards. We make every effort to conserve the environment and minimize pollution.
  4. We constantly strive to save energy and natural resources, minimize wastage and recycle metal, plastic and cardboard packaging..
  5. We work closely with our suppliers and service providers to ensure that we are as environment friendly as we can be.
  6. We regularly participate in community activities such as "beach clean up" and encourage our business partners to do the same.
  7. We commit to educate all of our employees to follow our environment policies and keep up to date with relevant information to raise their awareness on environmental conservation.
  8. We publicize this environment policy not only within the company but also to the general public.